Cheap Accommodation in Rome This Summer

Finding a cheap accommodation in Rome is a good idea if you don’t want to spend half of your money for your room. Instead, you could use your extra budget into exploring their cuisine and checking out other tourist attractions. Apparently it is easier to find a cheap accommodation during summer, such as in July and August, because those are the months where it is hottest in Rome. Prices will go down to about 50-70% and the hotel staff is more attentive to your needs because you don’t get to have more competitors in the hotel. But of course, not all cheap hotels in Rome provide good service and are minutes away from tourist attractions such as the Pantheon, Vatican or Piazza Nova. Here are some of the cheap accommodations in Rome that does not hurt your budget, but gives you adequate service:

1. Al Colonnato di San Pietro – if you plan to spend most of your visits to the Vatican Palace, this is one of the best bed to spend your night with a budget of at least 90 euros. Although there are only three bedrooms where you share it with other travellers, the service that you get from their housekeepers is exceptional. They offer you delicious and freshly-baked bread and it is only a three-minute walk from the colonnades.

2. Panda – just located near the famous Spanish Steps, this 2-storey old palazzo is one of the most popular and also considered a cheap accommodation in Rome. Each private room only cost about eighty-five Euros and if you are looking for a place where it is a walking distance to designer boutiques and many Italian restaurants, then Panda pension is an ideal place to stay.

3. Relais Palazzo Taverna – this inn is located just minutes away from Castel Sant’ Angelo. The street of Via dei Gabrielli is a narrow road which is where the best antique shops are designated. This hotel serves the tastiest breakfast because they solely pick fresh bread from a local bakery early in the morning and have it served hot. With a price for as low as eighty Euros during summer, staying in this hotel is totally worth it for a cheap accommodation in Rome.