Great Hospitality at 2 blocks from Colosseum

The Nicolas Inn is a small hotel in Rome, Italy. It is located just steps away from the Colosseum. The Colosseum itself is an amazing structure in Roman history, but the true charm of the Nicolas Inn and the area in which it is located is the traditional Roman neighborhood that remains unspoiled by contemporary times.

The shops in this area are shops that are used by the local residents and there are many lovely pieces found within them. These are not tourist shops nor do they stock their inventory with things that only tourists will love. They have no intentions of luring in tourists but cater to the residents of the area.

Clothing found in the shops in this sector is the same clothing that you will see on any typical Italian. This gives you the opportunity to experience the Eternal City in a way that no other Rome hotel gives you. The prices in the shops are very reasonable as they would be since they are intended toward the local citizens. As for the Nicholas Inn itself, you will find the d├ęcor to be just what you would expect in such a traditional neighborhood and prices that suit any budget.

Included in your stay at the Nicholas Inn is a continental breakfast offered from one of the local quarter cafes. Wi-Fi and television are also offered at the Nicholas Inn and your hosts Melissa and Francois are friendly and only too happy to share everything that they know about Rome and the amazing secrets that lie within the city. From here you can find many cafes and quaint boutiques that few visitors to Rome will ever encounter.

Nicolas Inn
Via Cavour, 295
00184 Rome, Italy
Tel +39 069761848
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