How to visit Rome on the cheap

Visiting Italy for short breaks in Rome is a welcomed idea but requires good planning to avoid being caught up with the eternal traffic congestion hence you are traveling by road. However, there are lots of cheap and fastest public transports options that will assist you get around that city depending on your schedule. To be able to achieve this feat, you may require to put the following procedures in place:

Go with the bus or tram as Rome has over two hundred bus and tram routes and twenty-seven night bus routes which people have been using for their Rome tourism.

Utilize the public bus instead of the expensive private coach tour. If you want to get the inexpensive tour of Rome’s historical sites, you may take the two hours trip on the number 110 bus moving from Termini station to Rome by 2:30pm Monday through Sunday.

You can decide to follow the integrated “Metrebus” ticket which will enable you to gain access to all the major modes of public transport within central Rome, without the Rome airport link. Tickets are available for daily, weekly, and even seasonal periods.

The Metro which is included in the Metrebus tickets can also be used as these two-line metro systems networks Rome and runs between the hours of 5:30am to 11:30pm.

Deciding to do some sort of exercise is also a good idea as you can walk on foot. By so doing, you can see so many things like Rome attractions, but you must be careful. Traffic, especially motor scooters, can be very crazy at times and pedestrians normally take care of themselves in terms of safety.

Another option is to rent a bike or motor scooter if you desire, so that it will be taking you to places for Rome tourism but you have to pay extra insurance costs.

In you must ensure that you procure the bus and tram tickets ahead of time from kiosk, newsstands, tobacconists, Metro stops and even in some bars. Bus route maps are available at news agents.

You take advantage of the long-term car parking facility available at the Rome airport for a few days when you want to visit Rome.

In conclusion, try to avoid taxis as they can be very expensive and a lot of them are not having license, but if you must take any one, ensure that it is a legal, metered taxi and ascertain the price in advance in order to save the amount of money involved which can be used for Rome attractions.